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Unlock Your Voice and Raise a Glass With Netta Laurenne

Netta Laurenne is an international singer, vocal coach and wine lecturer from Finland. With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, she has performed in various venues and events as well as worked as a voice-over actress in many movies and TV series.


Netta's passion for teaching and performing is evident in her work. She's a specialist in Finnish music and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with her students. Her wine lectures offer a unique and fun way to learn about the best wines of Finland.


Want to Brush Up On Singing?

Netta has studied music pervasively from classical to pop, jazz and folk. She has studied in Tampere Concervatory, Pop&Jazz Academy and Sibelius Academy in Finland. The most influential teachers in her career were her two private teachers; Raija Roivainen and Marjo-Riitta Nieminen (Marjorie).  


As a teacher she concentrates on developing the strength, tone and emotion in singing. She gives lessons in Kalasatama, Helsinki and as well as remote lessons.


Unleash Your Inner Wine Connoisseur

Being a certified Sommelier with degree also in winemaking, Netta has a vast knowledge of the wine world. She works as a wine consultant and lecturer and also owns a wine import company specializing in sustainable Spanish wines.

Her way to teach is that of entertainment and enthusiasm however challenging the subject. Wine is after all, a thing to rejoice!

Join Netta's fabulous wine tasting classes now!

"Netta treated us to an unforgettable wine tasting experience focused on the art of pairing wines with food. We were absolutely delighted by the evening. Netta's expertise and passion created a truly remarkable experience for all of us."

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