I am a Finnish singer & actress (FIA). Born in the 80's in Pirkkala, 12 kilometers to Tampere, my youth was full of nature and calm. I sang all the time but I kept my dreams of singing and acting a secret from everyone as I was afraid to show vulnerability to people and feared someone would destroy my hope if I'd let them know my Achilles' heel. My dreams were my lifeline. 

Nowadays I am the front woman of Smackbound

Laurenne/Louhimo bands and have acted in many theatre plays, musicals and TV.

I'm still working towards a dream I've had since age four.

Step by step as they say. 

This is a site for you to get familiar with my work and contact me for business affairs. Be it a movie or TV series you need an actress for, a voice over or corporate party lacking a live performance...don't hesitate to contact me. 

I speak Finnish, English, Spanish, French and Swedish.




Aleksanterin Teatteri 29.10.2021

Whitney Houston jätti maailmalle perinnöksi kuolemattoman äänensä sekä lukuisia hittejä. Whitneyn esittämät kappaleet ovat jääneet elämään maailmaan unohtumattomina sävellyksinä, jotka kuullaan Forever Whitney -tribuuttikonsertissa Netta Laurennen ja livebändin tulkitsemina.

Aleksanterin teatterin tuottamassa konsertissa kuullaan kaikki Whitney Houstonin suurimmat hitit, kuten I Will Always Love You, Run to You, Greatest Love of All, One Moment In Time, Where do Broken Hearts Go ja Didn’t We Almost Have It All. Kappaleiden välissä kerrotaan tarinoita Whitney Houstonin elämästä ja urasta. Forever Whitney on koskettava matka powerballadien kulta-aikaan.